The flames of the doping scandal are being fanned, with the media relentlessly bringing it up. All this does not remain unnoticed, enticing to try to analyze what has happened and to bring to light certain common factors. The things to begin with are to single out the names and organizations most often mentioned in the media. And here is what we end up with – the World Anti-Doping Agency, International Association of Athletics Federations, the International Olympic Committee (IOC), the 2016 Rio Olympics, Canadian Dick Pound (Richard William Duncan “Dick” Pound), Craig Reedie from Britain, the WADA President, New Zealander David Howman, Director General of the WADA who currently resides in Canada, British Sebastian Newbold Coe, Baron Coe, CH KBE (Lord Coe), American Travis Tygart, USADA’s CEO, Canadian Richard McLaren, a member of the special committee to investigate the allegations of doping use in Russian sports, and Puerto-Rican Richard Carrión.


An attempt of the pro-Saudi opposition to bargin a cease-fire in exchange for its participation in the talks seems to have failed. As did Turkey's attempt to exclude from the negotiation process the Syrian Kurds not linked to the Barzani family who completely sold themselves to the Turks and got bogged down up to their ears in smuggling of oil from Iraq and Syria.

The tactics of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the "opposition" to negotiate a peaceful settlement in Syria in the best traditions of the Ukrainian negotiators did not bring any results. The Ukrainian negotiating traditions, let me remind you, are - to pester to no end and under the guise of negotiations to drag on in order to have time to modernize army, not to comply with the Armistice Agreement, to hide behind civilians, by deception and provocations to return to the demilitarized territories from which the army was previously pulled out.


The bad news does increase traffic to the news resources, and it is not me who coined that. But I can't help it - I love the good news, even though it is so rare.

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After the talks between Vladislav Surkov and Victoria Nuland, another assault by the AF of Ukraine on Donbass was delayed a bit, but not completely cancelled; therefore one should not be too delusional. And peacefulness has nothing to do here.


In the morning of October 3, 2015, a hospital of the international organization Médecins sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders) was bombed by the US forces. According to the verified information, 22 people were killed and 37 were wounded.


Yesterday, I linked the unverified information circulated by the media that alleged that the Russian Air Force destroyed a military field hospital of the so called Syrian opposition with the Doctors Without Borders hospital in Afghanistan's Kunduz which was indeed bombed by the American Air Force

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About 10 km away from the Turkish border and 100 km from Mosul is the historic town of Zakho located, one of the centres of the Chaldean Catholic Church. The CIA delivered the portable barracks made by IKEA and opened a training centre near the town.

It is time to take a break from publishing the diary of my investigation in regards with one murder case. At least until the Netherlands publicize the reports of their committees who, obviously, won’t find anything. They won’t establish the fact of the murder either. The subject slipped on the banana skin and fell down on the knife. And did that seven times.

To avoid any misunderstanding I would like to emphasize again that the facts of this case I published before as well as the questions which I am raising now have nothing to do with the position of my employer. Moreover, I am under the impression that they go against it.