Tragedies in Langley. Part III

New details have become available and they shed light on today’s tragic events in Langley. Western European politicians who are demanding to stop the war in Ukraine, in negotiations with their American counterparts unwarily used an argument that the rebels of the South East of Ukraine are not terrorists but civilians fighting against the infringements of their legitimate civil rights. Those kind of things are not spoken publicly, but within closed-door talks the Europeans decided to demonstrate that Americans had failed to fool them.

In response, a series of operations was prepared. The task was to show Europe the “real beastly face of the pro-Russian separatists.” The plans included bombing pre-school and medical facilities in Central and Western Ukraine, away from the ATO (Anti-Terrorist Operation) area. The goal was set to achieve the maximum number of casualties.

The saboteur-mercenaries from an American PMC (private military company) were assigned to carry out the job while the CIA Ukrainian Department was supposed to provide the logistics and cover.

The head of the military section of the CIA Ukrainian Department found this plan too risky and shared his thoughts with his superior, who replied,

– „Do it. You have no clue what's at stake.“

The superior’s response wasn’t good enough for the subordinate. The Ukrainian Department, in addition to the military section, includes several others – political, etc. The worried officer, in violation of all the rules, shared his fears with his colleagues of equal rank – the heads of two other sections. Between them, they decided to take measures to prevent this scandalous order from being carried out, by to contacting the U.S. Senate.

Those three were the first “suicides,” but the information, it appeared, has been already leaked. So two more were eliminated as well.

In the middle of a business day, everybody was ordered to go home, but practically the whole staff of the Ukrainian Department, about 25 of them, fearing for their lives gathered in the hall. They told their passing by colleagues not to believe that they would allegedly commit suicide.

These are the facts. I will write my comments probably tomorrow. Or today, to be exact. 

30 March, 2015 - 23:32