Operation “Brotherhood of the Ring.” Part II

Tonight, I published a post with the playful title “Operation 'The Brotherhood of the Ring.'” I told about the training the fighters of the organizations of the Islamic State and Hamas are undergoing with the instructors from the private military companies with the assistance from the CIA.

Despite the fact that my title was borrowed from Goblin, the subject I am writing about is very serious. The Kurds were unsuccessful to send their fighters to the training within this program, as they don’t meet the criteria. It was established that among the criteria are the mother tongues – Arabic in the first camp, and English in the second.

I closed the previous post on the subject with a rhetorical, as I thought, question –“One may ask a reasonable question – what language will the extremists from the third camp built by Vanguard/CIA speak? French? German? Or Russian?” http://en.pravosudija.net/article/operation-brotherhood-ring

It didn’t take too long for the answer to come. The American company, who provides logistics for the CIA in Northern Iraq, is preparing new portable barracks for the third camp. One of the trainee selection criteria is German as the mother tongue. There will be no shortage for fighters of this kind.

At the time, not once did I write about the training of the Russian-speaking forces for the information-psychological operations. The training took place, in particular, on the base of the Private Military Company Academi located on the land where in the past the military town of the (Soviet) Southern Group of Forces in Hungary was located. The facts disclosed so far came from very reliable sources.

Below are suggestions I allow myself to make even without consulting the specialists. Other sources wrote about the similar program under way in Ukraine.

One way or another, since this program, unlike its English and German incarnations, is already going on for a while, it should have been reported on the Internet. And not only by the trolls – accidentally, the Russian counteraction thereof is such a concern for the U.S. Army Europe commander Frederick ''Ben'' Hodges. http://pravosudija.net/article/ukraina-dolzhna-znat-imena-svoih-spasiteley.

Just for the hack of it, I would recommend the readers a game which will help them understand the trends of the current information war. Let’s make a list of the “ideological viruses,” like “to capture Kiev,” “Putin betrayed,” “Ukros,” “vatnik” and other unsophisticated tricks aiming to destabilize the Russia-Europe relations.

Then, make another list of at least first ten of the most popular authors of every major social network. Bloggers of lesser influence without a large number of followers in this sense can be ignored.

When these two lists are compared, it will be easy to tell the regular bloggers from those who are carrying out the “grey” and “black” PSYOPs in the interests of the US Army, the Air Forces and the Navy, the Central Intelligence Agency and the mutual fund company Vanguard.

Moreover, a research of the activity of one or another blogger or the media outlet for a certain period of time can indicate for which particular one of those agencies they work for.

This game may also allow uncovering in advance the special operations being prepared against Russia; though, the authors of the publications, obviously, are not privy to these plans. 

17 April, 2015 - 16:36